Perhaps you have been intrigued by the idea of getting an original oil painting of a special boat or a special rower in your life. This can work one of two ways.


Click on the Paintings tab on our site. You will see many pictures that I have painted in the last few years. The portfolio shows pictures that are for sale, and some that have been sold and are now in private collections. Click on the painting and text on the left will tell whether it is available.

If you have interest in any of the pictures in the portfolio, just email us for prices at Interested buyers are always welcome to visit my studio by appointment if they wish to see a picture in person before buying.

We can frame the picture for you and ship (or hand deliver) it to your address.


If you wish to commission a new work of art, please email me at I think you will find this process straightforward and fun.  We’ll discuss the specifics of the picture as well as the prices and terms.

I get photography for new paintings at races or at practices where a friendly coach has let me join him or her in the launch.  Usually when I have had the privilege to ride in the launch it is because a parent of an oarsman or coxswain has asked the coach to let the painter hitchhike. I am a fly on the wall; I don’t ask for special angles or interfere with the subtleties of the workout.

Late winter and spring are the busiest times of the year. I encourage you to get in touch with me as far ahead of time as possible.